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    putlocker my main bitch, sockshare my side bitch, gorillavid my 3am booty call

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    Nintendo Oui

    I have been waiting for this for 84 years

    It is…how you say a…metaphor

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  4. Winter Palace (Зи́мний дворе́ц) in St. Petersburg, Russia

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  5. In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]

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    Broken Mirror/Evening Sky by http://www.bingwright.com/

    This is so simple, but so cool.

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    The stunning sight of hundreds of bright blue butterflies was almost too much for the six-month-old kitten, Lepa, as he bounced over and started trying to catch them. The comical chase was captured by student Natalia Moldovanova in Leningrad Oblast, Russia. After awhile Lepa got tired and collapsed among the butterflies, seemingly in paradise | Article.

    May you spend your days as happy as a kitten among a thousand butterflies.

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    The world by Dior

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    I’m going to nickname my child lil Bitch 

    i see you’re passing on the family name

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  14. It must be exciting to flit from one camp to the next, serving whichever Lord or Lady you fancy.

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  15. "without cracks in the pavement the city cannot breathe"

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